Our Yearbook is simple. Great times, Great pictures and Wonderful Memories!

The creation of our Yearbook has been around since the beginning of our club in 1941. It has always been a main part of our clubs identity, family oriented and full of great moments caught in time. The yearbook captures all of our events throughout the Summer Season and during our major events of the Winter months, with New Years Eve, The 4th of July and all the days and events between!!  Each year the book's concept, theme, layout and creation are done with a new group of committee members as well as the Vice Commodore who is responsible for the whole ship!  

Advertise Personal/Business:

Take the opportunity to place an ad in support of the club, the ad can be a personal ad directed with messages to the current flags staff or to friends or to the whole club "wishing us all a great summer". It is also an opportunity for business local and distant to promote themselves with a variety of options. We offer online promotion of your business as well. 

Submit Pictures of your Time at the Club:

Take photos during your visits and send them to us. Their is a chance they could make it into the book, we are always looking for more awesome pictures. Send them all year long. 

Email:   subject: yearbook photos


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