House Rules

The Yacht Club of Sea Isle City’s objective is to provide a friendly, safe and family-oriented atmosphere for our members and their guests to enjoy.  The following house rules have been developed to ensure a pleasant experience for all.  All members are asked to become familiar with our house rules and inform guests about these rules prior to visiting the club. 

Member & Guest Conduct/Responsibility

YCSIC members and their guests are always asked to adhere to commonly accepted rules of polite language and conduct on club premises.  If at any time a member or guest becomes loud, offensive, belligerent or antagonistic to another member, guest, or any YCSIC employee, then that member or guest shall be asked to leave the premises upon request by club management or board officer.  Misconduct by a member or guest may result in suspension or termination of membership without refund of any fees. Complaints of any nature should be directed to club management or board officer.     

Child Conduct/Responsibility 

In accordance with our goal of providing a safe family-oriented atmosphere, children must always be supervised by a parent or guardian while on club premises.  Due to the risk of injury to the children, members, guests or our staff who are normally carrying large serving trays, running on club premises is strictly prohibited.  Rowdy or unaccompanied minors will be asked to return to their parent or guardian, or if inappropriate behavior persists the parent or guardian and child will be asked to leave the premises upon request of club management or board officer.  Repeat child misconduct may result in suspension or termination of membership without refund of any fees.

No child may go beyond the bulkhead unless participating in the club’s sailing program or supervised by an adult when swimming, fishing or boating.  No child may play under the building or in club parking lot at any time.  Additional Wednesday Family Night Rules; Due to the large number of children in attendance for Family Nights we ask that all children remain in the main dining room, crow’s nest or either deck.  Unless arriving or departing the club the ground level parking lot, underneath building and bulkhead area are off limits to children on Wednesday Family Nights even if accompanied by an adult.  This additional Family Night rule is in place for the safety of our children.  If a child/parent is seen on ground level during Wednesday Family Nights they will be asked by staff, board member, or family night volunteer to proceed back to main dining room or main dining room decks.

When a band or DJ is performing on the crow’s nest, Children 12 years of age or younger must be off the crow’s nest dance floor by 9pm.  No minor under the age of 21 may sit at the bar at any time.

Member & Guest Check-In

All members are required to check-in at the front desk upon entering the club and must swipe their membership card through the computer system.  At this time all guests over the age of 21 must be signed in.  There is no guest limitation for a member’s grandparents, parents, children (and spouses) or grandchildren of any age.  However, immediate family of a member are still considered guests and if over 21 must still be signed in at front desk.   

Siblings and non-family guests are limited to six (6) visits during a calendar year.  Your guests, up to a maximum of nine (9) at any one time (per member), must be signed in by a member at the reception desk and you must remain on the premises at all times while your guests remain at the club.  Guests may not sign themselves in and may not go into the dining room or bars without the member and must present a guest pass if they would like to begin their own tab.  A guest pass will be issued only to those guests who will be purchasing food and/or beverage.  

Dining Room Reservations

Reservations are accepted for seating in the main dining room and the main dining room decks only.  We ask that your party arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your reservation and be ready to sit at the time of your reservation.  If not ready 10 minutes after your reservation time you run the risk of forfeiting your table.  Seating on the crow’s nest and crow’s nest decks are on a first-come first-served basis.  If you leave without signing a food & beverage(F&B) tab 20% gratuity will automatically be added. 

Alcoholic beverages may only be sold and served to members and their documented guests over the age of 21 for immediate consumption on the premises. No package goods may be sold and removed from the grounds and may not be sold to boaters for consumption on their boats. 


Smoking of any kind is prohibited inside the Club and most decks.  There is a designated smoking deck off of the Crow’s Nest, and receptacles are placed ground level at the base of each set of steps.  Please check the signs for non-smoking areas and discard cigarettes in the receptacles provided. 


Use of the club parking lot is for members and their guests while visiting the club.  Since parking is always at a premium, we encourage members to carpool with their guests whenever possible and/or take advantage of Uber or the jitney service.  Vehicles can be left overnight and picked up first thing in the morning.  If you plan to leave you vehicle and used valet service, please take you keys before you leave.  


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