Visiting Members

The Yacht Club of Sea Isle City is a long-time member of the Yachting Club of America.  Members of other yacht clubs are welcome to visit the YCSIC for dinner up to six times in a calendar year.  The visiting member’s Yacht Club must belong to The Yachting Club of America. 

If you are a member of another Yacht Club interested in visiting our club, please contact our General Manager Jim Collins to inform him of the intended visit.  Please provide first & last name and the Yacht Club where you are currently a member.  We ask that all visiting members review our House Rules and F&B Procedures before their visit.  

House Rules 

F&B Procedures

YCSIC Members

As a member of the YCSIC you have the opportunity to visit other yacht clubs that belong to The Yachting Club of America, as well as some international yacht clubs.  If you are on vacation and would like to visit another yacht club in your travels, please contact the club you desire to visit to determine their reciprocal member policy.  Some club’s only require you to show a current membership card, while others require a more formal letter of introduction.  Some yacht clubs do not open to outside members, or will have restrictions on the time of year they allow reciprocal member visits.  If a letter of introduction is requested, please contact our General Manager Jim Collins he will be happy to provide a letter stating you are in good standing.  

**Please note our club is listed in the Yachting Club of America reciprocal handbook under “Y” for Yacht Club of Sea Isle City.  The visiting club will not be able to locate us in the handbook if looking for us as the Sea Isle City Yacht Club.    


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