Guest Policy

All members are required to check in at the front desk upon entering the club and must swipe their membership card through the computer system.  At this time all guests over the age of 21 must be signed in.  There is no guest limitation for a member’s grandparents, parents, children (and spouses) or grandchildren of any age.  However, members’ families are considered guests and if over 21 must be signed in as guests.   

Siblings and non-family guests are limited to six (6) visits during a calendar year. Your guests, up to a maximum of nine (9) at any one time(per member), must be signed in by you at the reception desk and you must remain on the premises at all times while your guests remain at the Club.  Guests may not sign themselves in and may not go into the dining room or bars without the member and must present a guest pass if they would like to begin their own tab.  A guest pass will be issued only to those guests who will be purchasing food and/or beverage.  It is your responsibility to let your guests know about these rules. 

Any misconduct by a member or guest may result in immediate removal from the Club and possible suspension or termination of membership without refund of any fees. Complaints of any nature should be directed to the Club Manager, Flag Officer or Board Member on duty.


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