Waiting List Packet

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Yacht Club of Sea Isle City.  The club currently has a waiting list for full membership that has grown to more than 325 applicants.  There is no way to accurately predict the length of wait for full membership since the annual attrition rate and possible expansion of our membership base is unknown.  However, to help manage expectations we anticipate a potential 6+ year wait for full membership, and possible 1-2 year wait for the associate membership for anyone that applies today.  

Below is our membership waiting list packet, which includes a Letter from our Commodore, Membership Waiting List Application, Guidelines for Letters of Recommendation, Explanation of Membership Dues & Fees and our 2020 House Rules.  In order to secure a position on the waiting list the application, $250 deposit and two letters of recommendation from existing members must be submitted.  These sponsoring members must be two separate memberships, a husband and wife on the same membership does not meet this requirement.  Please be aware that for two individuals to apply for membership together they must be married or if unmarried share the same residence.  If two individuals are unmarried and not sharing the same residence they must apply separately.

The club currently has an overall cap of 625 for full membership.  This membership cap has been put in place to help preserve the quality of the existing membership by not overwhelming the club in the summer months.  We do however offer an associate "off-season" membership available only to those on our membership waiting list, which gives access to the club 8.5 months of the year.  There is a cap of 100 associate memberships per off season, and is an optional membership offering.  Further details about the associate membership process can be viewed on the Explanation of Membership Dues & Fees below.   

Once the completed Waiting List Application, $250 deposit and two letters of recommendation have been submitted the Board of Directors will review your application at the next monthly board meeting.  Upon approval you will be notified of your position on the waiting list.  Your position on the waiting list will only change once per year, when we complete our full membership renewal process late Spring.  *It is important for you to notify us of any changes in contact information while you are on our waiting list. 

Waiting list applications can be mailed to PO Box 182 Sea Isle City, NJ 08243.  You will be notified once your application is received and when your application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors.  If you have any additional questions regarding membership to the club please feel free to contact our General Manager Jim Collins 609-263-7282 or via email jim@ycsic.com

Membership Waiting List Packet

Letter from Commodore

Waiting List Application

Letter of Recommendation Guidelines

Explanation of Dues & Fees

House Rules